A Quiet Courage – Karadi World


A Quiet Courage – Karadi World

Kaushik V
Sharanya Manivannan


Manohar and Mahema Devadoss thought their cup of joy was overflowing when tragedy struck. Mahema was rendered quadriplegic by a cruel accident, and Manohar was robbed of his eyesight. The obstacles seemed insurmountable. But with courage and dignity, they decided to take charge of their lives once again. Charkha presents this poignant story as a musical audiobook, accompanied by 10 postcard prints of Manohar Devadoss’s evocative paintings. This flip audiobook from Karadi World is a great addition to your child’s library.

Age Group: 14 and above
Author: Manohar Devadoss
Illustrator: Manohar Devadoss
Narrator: Nosherwan Jehangir, Sharanya Manivannan, Kaushik V
Music: Anil Srinivasan

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