The Recognition of Shakuntala – Karadi World


The Recognition of Shakuntala – Karadi World



The legend of the exquisitely beautiful Shakuntala and the mighty king Dushyanta is a thrilling love story from the epic Mahabharata. The great ancient poet Kalidasa retold it in his immortal play Abhijnanashakuntalam (The Recognition of Shakuntala). Charkha Audiobooks brings you this wonderful story of love and loyalty as a musical. English and Sanskrit verses intermingle to recreate Kalidasa’s greatest play. The beautiful illustrations in the Mithila style capture the sense of a bygone era. This flip audiobook from Karadi Tales is a great addition to your child’s library.

Age Group: 14 and above
Author: Adapted by Lakshmi Lal
Illustrator: Uma Krishnaswamy
Narrator: Shobhana
Music: Sriram Parasuram

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