Magic Vessels – Karadi World


Magic Vessels – Karadi World

Usha Uthup


Muthu, a poor playwright, his wife Chellam and six children live in a banyan tree. Chellam cooks and cleans in other people’s homes while Muthu writes plays and sometimes doesn’t get paid – life is hard for them. One day, Muthu goes in search of a job. He loses his way in the jungle and falls asleep under a tree. What happens then in this story from Tamilnadu? The Ayyanar style of sculpture from which the illustrations are adapted is rich with colour and form. This audiobook from Karadi Tales is a great addition to your child’s library.

Age Group: 4-6
Author: Vayu Naidu
Illustrator: Mugdha Shah
Narrator: Usha Uthup
Music: 3 Brothers and A Violin

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