Hiss, Don’t Bite – Karadi World


Hiss, Don’t Bite – Karadi World

Usha Uthup


The children of a village in Bengal take the cows to graze in a forest. They like going to the forest especially for its beautiful banyan tree. They climb it, swing from it, play in its shade . . . they love it. A bad tempered snake lives under the banyan tree. One day it bites a cow and the children are afraid. The snake too is unhappy until he learns the secret of life from a wandering monk. The charming, evocative drawings are adapted from the Kalighat style of painting popular in Bengal. They have strong brush lines filled in with watercolour. This stunning book from Karadi Tales is a great addition to your child’s library.

Age Group: 4-6
Author: Vayu Naidu
Illustrator: Mugdha Shah
Narrator: Usha Uthup
Music: 3 Brothers & A Violin

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