Celebration of The Cells – Karadi World


Celebration of The Cells – Karadi World

Tom Alter


It is the personal account of a cancer survivor, R.M. Lala, drawn from his letters to a fellow cancer patient. In this audiobook edition, he speaks about his battle with the disease, his journey to the discovery of faith, and the indomitability of the human spirit. Actor Tom Alter narrates this inspiring story of R.M. Lala with a warmth and intimacy that leaves the listener with a greater understanding of the nature of cancer, and an affirmation of life that tells us all to make each moment a celebration. This book from Karadi Tales is a great addition to a child’s library.

Age Group: 14 and above
Author: R. M. Lala
Illustrator: Satwik Gade
Narrator: Tom Alter
Music: 3 Brothers and A Violin

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